Where I’m at and Where I’m Going

Meanwhile, in the other partitioned area of Scott’s brain…

Scott Perkins, Author

Writing and I have a long history together. Best friends through grade school and high school, sometimes my only companion through hard times. We were like this (holds up two fingers, crossed) long nights spent over the scratching pencils and clicking keys, pouring reams of paper into the inferno of our love affair. We seemed destined to spend our lives together… then it happened. I don’t know which of us it was who took the first step away or why, but it happened. A distance, which only grew. Then, one day, Writing wasn’t there when I called.

Straight to voice mail.

We argued, we went to therapy, we tried to force it to work, we even had a book to keep us together, then another one, then a contract, but it doesn’t work if you force it.

Then came the trial separation…

If you look back through this blog (

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