News: Plus Stuff and Tools and OMG all the STUFF!!!

Beard = Serious Scholar

I’ve been silent for awhile as I do important things like acquire hard-to-find tools, rare books, and grow a new beard (very important, I am told for these historical research projects). Seriously, I’ve been travelling all over the country, visiting family, haunting antique stores, and generally ramp up the behind-the-scenes portions of this effort and tie off a bunch of projects both personally and professionally that will be on-hold while I’m doing this.

I seriously think that at some point in the recent past all of the antique tools in America were loaded in trucks and hauled to rural Missouri.

My studio is starting to look like Brueghel’s Satire of a Merchant’s Greed.  Which might be the nerdiest reference I’ve made in recent memory… Also, Amazon has started sending me emails that say things like “Special sale for our customers who like hammers…


Oh, and while doing this, I’ve been applying and interviewing for a full-time job at the college where I am currently working part-time. Which will seriously change the dynamic of this project if I get it.

And I really hope I do get it. Not because a potential background checker might see this post but because it sounds like an awesome job that I’d really enjoy that would allow me to actually use the skills I paid tuition dollars to learn.


I bring this up because I haven’t before, and we need to start this with everyone knowing that I will be fitting this project in the spaces around my “Real Life”. Yes, I will be “getting 500 years behind” in my free time, which is an unfortunately limited commodity. This project is about pursuing my deep and abiding desire to LEARN ALL THE THINGS (as we say on the interwebs) not about putting food on the table, so anything that pays will inevitably take first chair.

Image Inserted to Meet the guidelines set forth in the International Treaty 
for Internet Meme Propagation, 921.4, section C, subsection L9

The upshot being that I might actually be ready for this.

(Panics and runs to re-check that everything is in order for the umpteen millionth time.)

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