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My name is Scott Perkins. I am a writer, artist, blogger, and sometimes actor from Washington state. What I am not is a reenactor.

I don’t bring that up to distance myself from their ranks, but because it’s true. There are some fantastic reenactment societies doing great work, but I am not a member of any of them. I’ve wandered around on the periphery of reenactment circles for three decades now and though a lot of it looks fun. I have friends who are reenactors, but for some reason, I’ve never really joined in.

I’m not sure why.
What I am is a writer. I’ve written for corporations and websites, created and maintained writing blogs, helped administer a college writing center, helped found organizations that promote writing in schools around the Puget Sound, and in my free time written short stories, experimental novels, and articles.[1]
I’ve also occasionally been an actor and a renaissance costumer with my very own costuming blog and everything. So even though I do have my foot in the door, I’ve never stepped through and joined an organization like the SCA. So I really just come to this with an ability to write, to entertain a crowd, and sew a pair of trousers. 
Casting jewelry? Baking in an earthen oven? Being a fruiterer? Not so much. 
To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what a fruiterer is.
So when I decided to delve into the lives of the renaissance tradesman, to teach myself and persuade others to teach me the esoteric and eccentric tidbits that made the renaissance man who he was, I don’t come to most of these things with skills-in-hand.
At least no more skills than most modern people.
I wasn’t even a history major, I majored in journalism and then went to art school. My grandfathers taught me to work with my hands and I’m not afraid to get dirty, so I guess I have that going for me. I tell myself that I’m a smart guy and a quick study, and that makes me either dumb or arrogant enough (you be the judge) to think I can get a handle on 54 mostly-extinct professions in just 52 weeks. 

If nothing else, I hope it’s fun for you to watch. I’m sure we’ll all learn something.
Scott Perkins

[1] If you’re curious about that, you can learn more about it here:


  1. Thanks for liking the Mary Arden's Farm FB page, Scott. I have just flicked around your blog. Looks interesting and will come back and read in more depth.

    How did you come across our FB page btw?

    Kind regards,



  2. I think I first ran across your page when a friend (probably Morgan Donner or Bess Chilver) shared a link with me on facebook. Then you kept doing cool stuff and I had to keep up. This woefully-neglected project of mine is about to come back to life, I promise.

    Pleased to meet you!



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