Update: The State of the Project

Hi everyone!

My project time has been taken up with helping my 100+ year old domicile recover from the harshest winter in recent memory. A lot of painting, gardening, and replacing cracked shingles and the like needs to happen.

To all my friends and readers in the area that just got slammed by another bomb cyclone, you have my empathy for the projects that await you when the snow melts.


Additionally (purposely burying the lede here) we’re planning to move soon. Mrs Renaissance Artisan has received a compelling job offer in another state. So my timeframe for completing these projects has been narrowed quite a bit and I need to finish without rushing because I refuse to sell a house with concealed half-assed repairs done to it.

The underlying ethos of this project is really the underpinning of the rest of my life. In our period, a guild structure would threaten me with the pillory if I produced poor craftsmanship, but the threat of punishment wasn’t what kept the craft on track. What kept the craft on track was the pride of the hands doing the work in the fruits of their labors. 

So we’ll get back to the project as soon as we can find the time, but for now I’m afraid we’re on pause.

I’ll do my best not to let the blog gather too many cobwebs.

Best wishes,


One comment

  1. Hoping the move goes well. A big sigh that you’re leaving WA: it seems such a neat place and is fun to read about.

    Second, had you ever entertained the thought of turning this project into a paper book after it’s over? It’d be super reading and a primer for those of us interested in following your lead.

    Very best indeed.


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