What I did on my Christmas vacation…

A dog with antlers on his head(Aside from annoying my dog with holiday headgear, that is)

I warned you early on that the bookbinding project risked taking over my life. The build out on this one has reached new proportions and I don’t feel like it’s nearly reached the point I’d really like it to if I had more room.

Heck, I haven’t even built a printing press yet.

Over the break, I took some of the projects off my plate that weren’t necessarily period pieces and would be most quickly and efficiently accomplished with modern tools. Just for the sake of catching you up on our progress, here’s the bits that are somewhat germane to our project…

Modifications to the book press (adding pegs for tying up), plus backing boards…

Then, I rebuilt my first toolchest (which I’d taken apart and was using for bits of other projects) and re-purposed it into a trough for catching the trimmings. You can read about the history of the chest on my Instagram if you’re curious about why it looks the way it does.

I also made a bunch of bench organizational… stuff. Mostly in order to manage needles and string in the presence of curious kittens.

And, in a more period-appropriate vein, I began the very early stages of work on some brass finishing tools, but that’s definitely its own post…


So, brasswork and hand engraving is the next thing on our plate while in the background I continue to fiddle with the intricacies of binding the books these brass tools will be decorating.

I’m back. More soon.

~ Scott

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