Status Report

So, the reason we’ve been delayed this time is because our camera is screwed up. It doesn’t recognize the SD card and none of the many suggestions from the online “What to do when your Canon DSLR loses its mind” fora have helped.

I would just carry on anyway, but I screwed up my hand last week in my typical too-humorously-clumsy-to-be-real fashion.

While out trolling for rusty tools in Port Orchard on a rainy day, The Engineer and I were walking back to the truck when I reached into my pocket to fish out my keys. My pinkie finger went through the key ring and I pulled the keys out and flipped them up into my palm in a jaunty manner to unlock the truck with the remote fob. After the truck chirruped in greeting, I let the keys dangle from my pinkie while I got into the cab.

My wet boot sole then slipped on edge of the door sill and as I fell forward, the keys caught on the edge of the seat and my poor little finger was pointing the wrong direction.

Which isn’t a good look for anybody. It makes your gloves fit funny.

If my youthful experiences as a drummer taught me anything it’s that my left hand isn’t really game for anything too intricate, so I’m on hold for the nonce.

In the meantime, I’ve made a felt prototype of the shoe and discovered some fit issues that I’m glad weren’t discovered after we went to full leather. I’ll document those and the changes I’ll be making to the shoe pattern once the camera has recovered. Also, my experiments in 16th century joinery are similarly impacted by not being able to hold a hammer or pretty much anything else heavier than a serving spoon in my right hand at the moment.

It’s amazing how such a seemingly inconsequential finger plays into everything you do with that hand.

On the bright side, I have this DVD of Peter Follansbee teaching 17th Century carving techniques and you don’t need your pinkie to hold a remote control. So there. Once I can again wrap my hand around a carving chisel or a sewing awl, I’ll have a lot of pent-up and lovingly hand-crafted artisanal frustration.

So we have that to look forward to, I guess.

C’est la vie.

~ Scott

Yeah, the image is unrelated, but like I said, the camera is wonky…

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