And then my brain tried to kill me… The state of the project.

The other day on Facebook, I promised to update soon. I promised that I wasn’t dead. And because fate has a warped sense of humor, then my brain tried to kill me.

Like it often does.

So… lots to catch up on. Coffee, for instance. Haven’t had any coffee since Wednesday and I have a lot of catching up to do. Also there’s a kitchen sitting around in pieces that needs to be reassembled so we can, you know, cook food and stuff. Tiling and cabinets and countertops and miscellaneous whatnot await me, but coffee first. 

Because priorities, I have them.
Which brings us back to this project, and most especially this blog, which I have been neglecting, I fear.
I seriously underestimated the toll that accepting a full-time job would have on this project. Especially with all the home renovations that have to be done. The level of organization necessary exceeded my ready supply of tools.  I’m not really good at organization on this scale at home. I do fine at work, juggling huge projects that span entire years, but when I get home… something clicks off in my brain.
Just one of the many ways my brain periodically demonstrates how it hates me.
There’s a horn out in the shop that’s halfway to becoming a beaker, a half-made bow-lathe that needs some attention, and all the makings of a woodfired oven stacked under a tarp waiting for a dry spell so I can call out the troops to come help build it.
Anyway, I talked to the engineer, and we’re trying something new.

Because real, bought and paid for, life trumps blogging projects, the bulk of my time is spoken for. There’s just no way around that. Some of what I have to do for the kitchen (tile for instance) will align with parts of this project, but most of it is too modern to fit neatly into Renaissance Artisan business.

One or two days a week, however, will be devoted entirely to this project. Building, experimenting, photographing, and documenting (cough-blogging-cough) will take precedence on those days. We’re still working out which days and how, but that’s the plan or this is never going to work out.

Like the Facebook thingy said: “one man, 54 Livery Companies, 111 trades, 52 weeks.” And we’re at the end of week 18. At this rate, it’s never going to work and before you propose it, I am not yet willing to entertain the idea of cutting projects. Part of the “fun” of doing this is figuring out how to do it without neglecting the day-to-day of modern life.

Anyway, that’s the state of the project.
More later. I have coffee to drink and all the aforementioned projects aren’t going to get closer to done by typing.

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