The Dog Ate My Homework…

So, the part of this I’ve been slacking on is the ‘blogging regularly about things’ part. It’s a beautiful spring in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve been trying to clear a backlog of projects all at once. That backlog includes our kitchen… which won’t become germane to this project until I get the floors done so I can start building cabinets.

Which should be next week.

I also wrote this piece as a guest on the blog of urban fantasy & folklore author Maggie Secara, which is directly related to what we’re doing here: To Knit or Not to Knit.
In the meantime, there’s a pile of bricks and clay in the back garden that will become an oven soon. I’ve refurbished half of my hand planes (which is enough to get some cabinets going) and the chisels are ready for some handles that I’ll be turning on that new lathe I’ll be building.
The next phase will be divided between the domestic staff and the people who build the houses and shops the domestic staff lived and worked in:
  • The Bakers, Cooks, and purveyors of various foodstuffs
  • The Carpenters, Turners & Joiners
Stay tuned.

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